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New Zealand Ammunition

NZ Ammo is a privately owned wholesale distribution company, specializing in the supply of top quality products for the hunting & shooting industry, police, military, & security professionals.
We are a wholesale supplier to the trade and do not sell directly to the public. Sales to the general public are available from retailers throughout New Zealand.

Check our product catalogue & drill down into our supplier’s site’s for more detail.

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 We have  expanded to include Gunsmithing Services  Gunsmith: Moritz Wassmann –Phone 04 5270270 -

General Gun work. Re-barrelling – Re-chambering. Barrel threading & suppressor fitting. Custom suppressor & silencer making service. Small parts manufacturing. Action Accurising & glass bedding. Stock work. Glass bead blasting & Cold Bluing.Trigger tuning pistol & rifle. Custom barrel weights for pistols. Sight work – scope mounting / bore sighting. Pistol sight mounting / Slide milling. Custom work in general.

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