Introducing New Zealand Ammunition

We strive to provide quality products with knowledgeable, friendly, fast and efficient service.

Introducing New Zealand Ammunition

NZ Ammunition Company is a New Zealand owned and operated service and distribution Company, specializing in the importation and distribution of high quality products for the hunting and shooting sports industry. We also supply special products for police, military, security professionals and other government agencies.

We support a broad network of hunting, optical and sport shooting retailers across New Zealand; and have done so for many years. We strive to maintain consistent pricing and product availability with the broadest range of quality ammunition products in New Zealand.

What we believe in:

  1. If a product is not safe – either through design or intended use we will act. We abide by all applicable arms, dangerous goods, customs and transport regulations.
  2. We will not market products falsely. We value advanced features, quality manufacturing and support. We also pride ourselves on being able to recommend NZ retailers, trainers, clubs and gunsmiths who share our focus on quality.
  3. Protecting our Protectors. People who protect our community matter to us. We strive to see them equipped to succeed.
  4. Minimising Animal Cruelty. Hunting and sport shooting is part of kiwi DNA and we will always support New Zealanders remaining free to hunt and participate in other legitimate firearms activities. But we only support ethical hunting and pest control practices.


We pride ourselves on having a broad range of stocked items, but we also have the knowledge and a global supply network to source anything our customers need. If you can’t find it on this website, email and we will assist you to the best of our ability.


NZ Ammunition stands behind all of our products and can work with manufacturers to tailor solutions to particular client needs. NZ Ammunition provides quality technical advice to resellers and key customers. We can provide a range of consulting and procurement service solutions designed to get your people seeing and shooting safely, accurately and effectively.

Recommended Gunsmiths and Guides

With our provision of quality firearm and ammunition components we get a unique view of trade professionals who can both service your equipment and advance your skills. The gunsmith and guiding trade in New Zealand can be hard to navigate. It takes a combination of training, aptitude and experience to truly earn the title of gunsmith; while it can be hard to judge the value of a guided experience. We are happy to help with advice.

Owners / Directors:

  • Craig & Lynda Wilson

Our Team: 

  • Sales Rep -     Craig O'Neill
  • Warehouse  -  Bernie Sorenson
  • Office Admin - Melissa van Rensburg