Steinert Sensing Systems SuperChrono

After 30 years of optical chronographs, Steinert Sensing Systems finally delivers a new technology that gives you reliable shot speed readings in any lighting conditions. The SuperChrono’s supersonic shockwave processing technology offers unsurpassed precision independent of lighting and weather conditions. Every SuperChrono is individually calibrated to give a precision of ±0.5% of measured velocity or better.

Steinert Sensing Systems SuperChrono

No more worries about sunlight orientation, uneven cloud cover, shadows, reflections from snow or water on the ground, low or indoor lighting, shiny projectiles, shadows or any other changes in light intensity that can cause problems with optical sensors. The SuperChrono detects shots even with rain or snow on its sensors.


Huge shooting area

As an added bonus, the SuperChrono’s supersonic shockwave processing technology offers an optimum shooting area up to 300 times larger than the tiny 2×2 inch area for optical chronographs. This makes it easy to get velocity readings from close to the muzzle to any downrange distance as long as the bullet is supersonic.For the first time it’s easy to get downrange velocity readings and to calculate exact ballistic coefficient.


It has never been easier to get total control over bullet trajectory.

Monitor shotswithoutleaving shooting bench

The display and its crystals are angled 15 degrees towards the shooter. By placing the SuperChrono 10′ in front and 3′ below the muzzle, shot speeds can be read without leaving the shooting position. High contrast backlit LCD and large numbers make velocities easy to read even in direct sunlight.


Set up in seconds and measure bullet speedsat any distance

Built-in sight lines and  front and rear sights  make it easy to set up the SuperChrono for bullet speed readings at muzzle level, downrange and at target.


Easy to use as a diagnostic tool

Use the SuperChrono to check for variations in bullet speeds if you find an odd flyer in your shot group or if the groups are not as tight as expected.

Works with any calibre

It doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny .17 HMR or a rocket; if it’s supersonic, the SuperChrono gives an accurate reading of its velocity.

No menus.No loose parts

The SuperChrono is simplicity itself. No menus to learn and no loose parts to mislay.


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