Pocket 8x20

Swarovski Pocket 8x20

The prize-winning SWAROVSKI OPTIK Pocket binoculars with sophisticated inner workings: A complicated 16-lens system ensures a large field of view and bright, high contrast images. Suitability for spectacle wearers goes without saying with individually adjustable eyecups. They fit into any breast pocket or jacket pocket due to their incredibly small dimensions. Ideal for travelling and leisure or as a spare for professional users. In the Pocket series, Swarovski Optik uses high-quality technologies such as the SWAROBRIGHT coating for maximum colour fidelity across the whole light spectrum or the SWAROTOP and SWARODUR coatings for bright, high-contrast images.
Pocket 10x20

Swarovski Pocket 8x20

Handy, Small & Light

Extremely handy design: can be folded up to a width of 2.2 in. Extremely light, but very rugged, light alloy housing (7.6 oz).

Waterproof and rugged

The smallest ever, waterproof binoculars for use in any weather and any terrain.

Coating, optimum image quality

Due to high-quality coating technologies offering optimum color fidelity as well as bright and contrast-rich images.


Pocket 8x20
Pocket 10x25

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