SPEEDFEED® Sport Stock Sets

Speedfeed SPEEDFEED® Sport Stock Sets

SPEEDFEED® THE UNDISPUTED CHOICE FOR SHOOTERS WHO EXPECT PRECISION Products from SPEEDFEED® are the result of technological breakthroughs for the ultimate in performance. The undisputed choice for shooters who expect absolute precision from their equipment. SPEEDFEED stocks are reinforced with 30-percent glass-filled polymer so the stocks maintain their integrity with heavy use, performing even under the most demanding

Speedfeed SPEEDFEED® Sport Stock Sets

Made with 30% glass-filled polymers, these stock and forend sets are totally unaffected by bad weather. They will not chip, swell, or crack even under the roughest conditions. Patterned after the Remington Premier Stock, the Sport Stock Set features fine-line checkering, classic styling, and a non-reflective finish. The stock comes with a pre-drilled hole for a sling swivel stud and a specially designed recoil pad. Since the sets are manufactured to factory specifications, the fit is truly excellent. Easy installation; no gunsmithing required. Set complete with stock, forend and recoil pad.

Sport Set

  • 0300 Remington 870 12 gauge
  • 0305 Remington 1187 12 gauge
  • 0310 Remington 1100 12 gauge
  • 0313 Ithaca 37-3" MAG 12 gauge
  • 0314 Winchester 1200/1300 12 gauge
  • 0315 Remington 870 LW 20 gauge
  • 0320 Remington 1100 LW 20 gauge
  • 0325 Mossberg 500/590 12 gauge

Black or camo




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