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New Zealand Ammunition

NZ Ammo is a privately owned wholesale distribution company, specializing in the supply of top quality products for the hunting & shooting industry, police, military, & security professionals.
We are a wholesale supplier to the trade and do not sell directly to the public. Sales to the general public are available from retailers throughout New Zealand.

Check our product catalogue & drill down into our supplier’s site’s for more detail.

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Brass & Projectiles


.308 Win 168gr MatchKing

.300 WSM 150gr Ecostrike

.300 Blaser Mag 200gr Oryx

.300 Wby 180gr Oryx

.338 Lapua 250 & 300gr MatchKing

7mm Rem Mag 156gr Oryx

7mm 08 Rem 140gr BST

.223 Rem 77gr MatchKing

.223 Rem 55gr Oryx

.257 Roberts 100gr SP

6.5x55 120gr BST

6XC  100gr  Oryx

6XC 95gr BST

6XC 105gr Berger